Not one of my favorite novels by King, which was surprising to me, since it's been talked up so much, and because it has one of the biggest connections to his Dark Tower series.

Simply put, I felt that the first half of the book was very slow. Even after it picked up, I struggled with bits of it, partly because vampire mythology was never my favorite horror sub-genre, and maybe because the cast of human characters dealt with their disbelief literally throughout the entire story. I loved when the main villain was finally introduced and given a voice, but they were totally snubbed way too soon after that happened.

In his introduction, King looks back on his early writing (this was only his second published novel) with some disdain. The flaws were pretty noticeable to me, after getting accustomed to some of his later novels.

Still, I enjoyed the book overall. I'm looking forward to reading some more of his short stories, and maybe jumping into The Outsider once I'm ready for another full-length S.K. novel.

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