The best thing about this book was the title....
.... And little else.

Disappointment, disappointment all around!

You thought Snows character sucked in the trilogy.... Oh Collins gas taken it to a whole new level!

He not only wants to make you pull your hair out now but also BASH your head against the wall until you fall unconscious to save yourself from the boredom of this book.

I LOVED the hunger games, it's one of my go to references... But honestly, I'm hoping I can forget that this happened.

It was a lot of nothing happening..... I felt like I was at the DMV waiting for my number to be called. Sure, the workers look busy... But they're really playing solitaire instead of calling my number.

---- boring ----

She set herself up for failure because her trilogy was just so great. Move on to another story and leave the hunger games to be the wonderfulness that it is.

Aaaannnnnddddddd.... I'm just gonna be real for a moment, no one NOT ONE read the hunger games and went

"huh, I really want to know more about Snow".

Nah, we all wanted him to die a 100 deaths *shrug* sucks to suck Snow.

Just, don't bother.... It ain't worth it.

lgmosher's rating:
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