Not even bones is the introduction to the trilogy of the story of a teen named Nita, who is the daughter of a woman who kills un-naturals to sell their body parts on black market. Nita dissects the bodies preparing them to be sent off and sold by her mother. All is normal until one day, Nita encounters the human that her mother brought home, Fabricio. Nita decided to helped him escape, as her mother had never brought in a human. The story takes twists and turns and truly is a long journey full of the unexpected.
This book was an amazing read. Truly enjoyable and well-written. I couldn’t seem to put it down! Schaeffer’s writing style is very clear and allows readers to formulate images of what is going on. The story was slow, yet well-developed. I absolutely loved the insight that we, as readers, got of Nita and her life. Tough Nita would not be a likable person (at least in my opinion), she is an amazing character. Kovit, who is presented later on in the novel as well. The book provides readers with another perspective.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I plan on re-reading the series again later on. However, the book can get dark at times, so I suggest that those who are interest in reading it take that into consideration.

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