A truly outstanding comedy that succeeds because of its subtlety - a script that avoids the fatal mistake of trying to be too funny (The Ladykillers). Having revisited this movie recently, I still feel a lump in my throat when Peter Sellers and Melvyn Douglas discus death:
Chauncey Gardiner: "I know exactly what you mean, Ben, the garden I had was such a place, but I don't have that anymore. All I have left is the room upstairs."
Benjamin Rand: "Oh come on now! Wait a minute Chauncey, you've got your health. For God's sake man, you can't let those bastards get you down, you gotta fight. I don't want to hear any more from you about that 'room upstairs'. That's where I'm going. And too damn soon!"
Ironically, Peter Sellers would die within a year and Melvyn Douglas would outlive him by just over a year. Such a shame Sellers wasted the time left to him on a piece of garbage like "The fiendish plot of Fu Manchu".

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