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You are so fxcking stupid, do you know that?
-Every teacher I ever had told me that already, so shut up!
It was a long one today, I'll tell you that.
There's cake in the break room. Somebody's birthday, I don't remember who. It's just one of them sheet cakes from Kroger, but, it's pretty good for a grocery store cake. You don't really look like you eat cake, though, do you?
- I eat cake.
Mm. You know, my mama always said, "Never trust a skinny woman. While we're eating, they're plotting." Well, if you eat cake, how do you stay so little? You are skin and bones, girl.
He murdered someone. Don't you read the paper?
-She only reads the Bible. And those Good News bulletins that folks leave on your front porch when you don't answer the door.

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