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Apr 28, 2018
Artist teenager Adam Costello has two problems: how does he bring money into the household to keep food on the table since his dad gave up and split (coward) ; how does he keep from being embarrassed by his gasto-intestinal issues? The vuvv aliens have moved into the sky above earth with promises of free healthcare and advanced technology to the whole planet. But so far, it has only worked out for the rich and everbody else is unemployed and living on ramen. Well, it turns out the vuvvs love classic human love stories, art, you name it. So Adam and his girlfriend Chloe sell them a a pay-per-episode reality-show Teenage love story (1950's version). But when the relationship goes south and faking it takes a toll on them, Adam has to figure something else out. Does he dare stand up to consumerism run amuck? This slim little satire depicts an all-too-possible future, but it is not without hope. Be sure to check out Feed, by the same author. It is like an updated version of George Orwell's 1984 and it is frightenly plausible.