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The Five

the Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper
Jul 27, 2020
I found this book, like so many accounts written concerning Jack the Ripper to be rife with speculation. In this case the speculation concerned the five victims. Repeatedly throughout the book, the author would say in describing the five as "would have", or "probably", or even"possibly". Yes there were facts, unfortunately in my opinion, more facts then were necessary. I found too much information was provided, concerning what businesses operated in the area, elaborate descriptions of the areas themselves (not just Whitechaple where the murders occurred), and the life and times of those with and without money and their living conditions. I honestly felt that much of this was in order to fill out the novel and provide something more than a short story. Too often I caught myself thinking I was reading a history book of the 1800's getting ready for tomorrows exam. At one point, and I reread the section repeatedly to make sure of what it said, was the description of one of the victims funeral, attended by so many individuals that it was hard for the procession to go down the street. The problem I have is that the book claimed this funeral possession occurred on September 8, when the victim was not murdered until September 30th. This is purely my opinion and realize that many will find this book insightful, entertaining and well written. It just did not work for me.