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Apr 30, 2013JCLChrisK rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Well, that was oddacious. That's right, both odd and audacious. In a good way, I think. --- "I think," because it's too soon after finishing the book to say for sure and at this point I don't want to think about it too hard, analyze all the analogies and metaphors and hidden meanings like a literature professor, but would rather let it percolate in my associative brain for a while. So, for now, I feel it was good and I enjoyed it. There is philosophy and theology here under the humorous surface, very clear statements about privilege and responsibility and love, but I can't tell if it's systematic and carefully thought out or more random and associative itself. Nor whether the narrative actions convey it effectively. --- At first I thought the unusual approach might simply be a nice intellectual exercise that would leave me feeling emotionally unengaged, but it didn't. I ended up getting caught up in the characters' worlds and interested in seeing how it would all turn out. --- So just what am talking about here? What is this oddacious story? Very sketchily, it concerns the intersection between two sets of characters: immortal and mortal. Ready? --- The immortals are the two gentlemen filling the job of God of Earth, Bob and Mr. B., Bob's mom, and a few others. Bob, the Creator, is an immature, lazy, horny, self-absorbed 19-year-old who shows flashes of brilliance and not much else. Mr. B is the repressed, stodgy, compassionate assistant who sees to the details and tries his best to fix all the messes Bob creates. Bob's mom, Mona, is an irresponsible, gambling-addicted socialite, who just gambled away Bob's favorite pet, Eck, in a drunken poker match to Mr. Emoto Hed, someone not to be messed with, who plans to eat Eck. And there's Mr. Hed's daughter, Estelle, who wants to save Eck. --- The mortals all center around Lucy, a beautiful, happy-go-lucky young woman who has become Bob's latest obsession. Bob has fallen helplessly in love with her and wants to figure out how he can have her. Lucy works at a zoo with Luke, who resents her for her good looks, and recent hire Skype, who is irrepressible. Laura, Lucy's mom, worries about Lucy like any good mom and seeks counsel from her pastor, Bernard. The humans have their hands full, though, because Bob's impassioned emotional state is playing havoc with the weather and creating a state of disaster in much of the world. --- It just gets stranger and more complicated from there. Yet somehow it all comes together to form a cohesive whole and make sense as a narrative.