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Apr 21, 2021Andreaquach rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The Shadows Between Us, By Tricia Levenseller Eighteen years old Alessandra Stathos had her heart broken once, and she killed the man that causes it. She plans to kill again, but this time she will gain so much more than a corpse to bury. Alessandra is tired of being overshadowed especially by her older sister, and tired of the double standard laws regarding women. But she has a simple plan to make that change and take the kingdom. First, woo the Shadow King. Second, make him fall in love with her and marry her. Last, kill him and take the throne. Alessandra knows exactly what she wants and will do whatever it takes to reach her goal. That proves a little more difficult than she anticipated when she finally attracts the attention of the Shadow King, Kallius Meheras, and gets a spot in his court. The mysterious young Shadow King always hides behind his shadows powers and is always suspecting someone is trying to assassinate him (go figure), as his family was- breaking down his walls will be more tricky. As Alessandra helps Kaillius with his kingdom and saves his life from assination (twice!) they continuously grow closer and Alessandra refuses to accept that she may be falling in love with the Shadow King; he’s just a means to an end right? Then, Kallius makes a proposition, one that will get her what she wants and means she doesn’t have to kill him- but can she ignore the tug in her heart whenever she is with Kallius? Will he ever fully open himself up to her. I downright loved this book, and especially the interactions between the characters. They are all witty and charming in their own ways, especially Alessandra and Kallius. They are honestly perfect for each other, because they are both dark and villainous, and their banter makes me laugh- as many would say, a Slytherin romance. Alessandra is my favorite type of heroine because she is fierce, charming, calculating, and I also love her character growth because during her time on the court, she makes some great friendships, which she has never had before. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys fantasy, some adventure, and romance.