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Jan 19, 2017jefferyz2677 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
I survived/the shark attacks of 1916 In the book I survived/the shark attacks of 1916 there were 5 main characters, Uncle Jerry, Dewy, Chet, Sid and Monty. at the beginning Chet's friends showed him a newspaper at the diner saying about a shark attack. Then a captain told them a story when he saw a shark. his friends like to do pranks and the next day they did a prank on Chet. Chet asked Uncle Jerry what to do to get payback and he said to do a prank on them. So Chet did a prank and got his friends mad at him. A few days later he went to the creek and got hit by a shark in the creek! he told everyone that there was a shark but no one cared. When he went to warn his friends at the creek, the shark bit Chet while saving his friends. everything was a blur until he woke up at the hospital. After six days at the hospital his friends came in to tell him that they were sorry for being too harsh on Chet. I recommend this book because it is a long book (I like long books) and because it is a half mystery half adventure book. That is my little quick review of this book. :)